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Helping you explore your inner world, make meaningful changes in your life & strengthen your relationships.


For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by the nuances of humanness; why do we think, feel and act in the ways that we do?


This curiosity and my innate desire to connect with others landed me in the client’s seat where I began exploring my own inner world. I started learning how to navigate my struggles with mental health, healing old wounds, and strengthening my relationship to myself as well as my relationships to others. This work was later accompanied by my formal education and training in the field of counselling psychology and experience working in various non-profit settings providing therapy and support services.


Now this journey has brought me here, to my own counselling practice where I have the privilege of walking alongside folks in their self-exploration and healing.




While training and education is an important piece of our practice, we center the importance of human connection before any skills or techniques. We are clinicians, but we are also humans. Our lived experience, compassionate nature and the quirks that make  unique individuals are invited into the therapy space to meet the authentic and vulnerable parts of self that our clients are so courageously bringing into the work.



You are the expert in your own experience. Our therapists aim to hold that expertise at the center and meet folks where they are at in their healing journeys with no agenda of their own. We co-create the therapeutic process with  you as an active participant in their treatment planning. It is your therapists' job to find a balance between following your lead and being directive when necessary.



We are committed to supporting folks who hold marginalized identities and experience oppression. We acknowledge and incorporate the impact that systemic and socio-cultural oppression such as racism, sizeism, heteronormativity, transphobia, ageism, and ableism have on the challenges we are facing in our therapeutic work.

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