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Individual Therapy

A space that is uniquely yours, to delve into deep introspection with the support of a clinical counsellor. We work with you to create a collaborative and individualized treatment plan to suit your needs best.


Workshop Facilitation

We work with organizations to develop customized workshops on a wide range of mental health related topics. Please contact us to inquire about offerings that might be a fit for what you're looking for.


Relationship Therapy

A space for you to address and overcome challenges in a relationship. This can be useful for romantic partners, family relationships, and friendships.



Public Speaking

Our clinicians are available for presentations on a wide range of metal health related topics for educational purposes. Please contact us to inquire about offerings that might be a fit for what you're looking for.


Group Therapy

Suitable for 3+ participants who are looking to process challenges in a group dynamic or who have a shared presenting concern that they hope to support one another in overcoming. 



Our clinicians are available for consultation with other medical or health care practitioners to aid them in supporting those that they serve. 

I came to you during a very difficult time in my life, you gave me permission to fall apart every week. I leave the sessions every week feeling stronger and better able to make smart decisions in my life. You introduced me to LifeSpan integration, a powerful strategy that helped me understand how my childhood trauma's are still affecting the way I react with loved ones. Your gentleness and insights have propelled me forward much faster than if I had tried to do this alone. In my professional life as a psychotherapist, I support others and in my personal life Ravin you are my lifeline. 

C.B, Psychotherapist

Facilitaton & Consultation

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